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The world of art is constantly evolving, and with the emergence of artificial intelligence (A.I) technology, we are now seeing the creation of art that is generated entirely by machines.

This new form of art, known as AI-generated art, is quickly making its way into the mainstream and is changing the way we think about art and creativity.

AI-generated art is created by using algorithms and machine learning techniques to produce images, videos, and other forms of digital art. 

It is not limited to traditional art forms, and can even generate music, sculptures, and even architectural designs. The possibilities are endless, and the results can be truly astounding.

One of the most striking examples of AI-generated art is the work of the artist named “AI-Da”, she is the world’s first robot artist. AI-Da can draw portraits using a robotic arm and its own artificial intelligence, which is able to recognise and respond to its environment.


While AI-generated art may seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie, it is becoming increasingly popular among artists and collectors alike. Many are drawn to the unique and unexpected results that AI-generated art can produce. As the artist AI-Da said “AI is going to be a new medium for art, just like paint and canvas were in the past.”

The emergence of AI-generated art is also having a significant impact on the art industry and specifically on graphic artist. Some may see this development as a threat to their livelihood, but many are embracing the technology and finding ways to incorporate it into their own work. Some graphic artists are using AI tools to help them generate new ideas and inspire their work in ways that would have been impossible before.

As the use of AI in art becomes more widespread, it is likely that we will see more collaboration between human artists and AI algorithms. This collaboration can lead to new forms of art that are more dynamic and expressive than anything we’ve seen before.

In conclusion, AI-generated art is a fascinating development that is changing the way we think about art and creativity. While it may seem like a threat to some, it is ultimately expanding the possibilities and definition of art. It is a way to foster new forms of creative expression and collaboration that will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for graphic artists and all other forms of artists, and art enthusiasts alike.

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